Why KNIME is our favorite automation & integration Tool

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Deepak Pai

When you have more than a few applications that run your business, there is usually some data transfer is required between them so all departments can function. For example, sales order in your CRM needs to be provided to the manufacturing. Delivery notes from your warehouse management application needs to be sent to accounting for creating invoices.

Usually, people tend to hire programmers who can at best write brittle code that keep them in sync. And when business requirement changes all hell breaks loose.

One way to write resilient integration between two system is to use KNIME. KNIME is a state of the art desktop application that can help you ETL or Integrate 2 REST API enabled end points.

So for KNIME to work, you need to have either a export / import functionality OR you need to have REST API end points to work with.

What is KNIME?

KNIME is a data analytics platform which can be used to perform extract, transform, load of data, run machine learning algorithms, deep learning algorithms or do integration with 2 systems together.

End to End Data Science

At KNIME, we build software to create and productionize data science using one easy and intuitive environment, enabling every stakeholder in the data science process to focus on what they do best.

source: www.knime.com

Here is a great intro from KNIME.

Why use KNIME?

KNIME saves TIME. KNIME has a long list of use cases.

  • ML / Deep Learning modelers and tinkerers can quickly validate their prototype
  • Data Engineers can process large amounts of data, including clean and transform
  • AI / OPS can deploy models into cloud or on to production servers
  • Employees can use it to automate EXCEL data tasks
  • Integrators can use it to bring 2 systems together (Accounting & Procurement system)

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